Autism Decal Program

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is committed to keeping all Escambia County citizens safe. This includes those with Autism and their families. We have launched a new initiative in efforts to alert all first responders that someone with autism may occupy a vehicle or home they may interact with.

Here is how the program works:

The ECSO is providing these decals at no charge. You can place the decal in a front window or door to your home. They can also be placed on the rear window of your vehicle. The decal is a symbol, allowing first responders to know that they’re maybe a person inside with Autism. ECSO deputies will then know to approach the situation with their Autism training skills.

To participate in this program, fill out the form provided and your decal will be sent to your home. If you are interested in the program and don’t want to place the decal on your home, you can still fill out the form. This will allow your home to be flagged in the ECSO system, still alerting us that a person with autism resides in the home. The more information that our deputies have responding to a call, the better. As your Sheriff it’s honor to serve all residents in our community and making it a safer place to work and live.


    To request an Autism sticker to be mailed to you, please complete the form below


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