Breaking News:Man, on a Rampage Commits a Home Invasion and Car Jacking, Sending One Victim to a Local Hospital

By January 8, 2021Latest News

Man, on a Rampage Commits a Home Invasion and Car Jacking, Sending One Victim to a Local Hospital

David Neil Slocovich’s (DOB: 11/15/89) rampage started around 8:30 this morning at a residence on the 8700-block of Scenic Highway, when he walked inside a home demanding car keys and taking items. The victim tried to call 9-1-1. Slocovich stole the phone right out of the victim’s hand. A physical altercation ensued, but Slocovich got away by jumping off the condo’s balcony. He then broke the window to the victim’s car and left the scene.

Slocovich, wasn’t done yet. He made his way to the General Electric Wind Energy plant parking lot on the 8300-block of Scenic Highway. He stole a company vehicle with a female passenger still inside. He crashed the stolen van into a concrete barricade in the same parking lot, injuring himself and the female victim.

Slocovich then tried to steal an 18-wheeler in the same parking lot, but the driver of truck fought back. Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Ben Dunlap was the first to arrive on scene. He quickly placed cuffs on Slocovich ending his rampage.

The female victim and Slocovich were taken to local hospitals for their injuries. Slocovich, who was believed to be under the influence at the time, is being evaluated and will be charged with home invasion, depriving 911 services, criminal mischief, carjacking, robbery, kidnapping, aggravated battery and burglary.

“This seems outrageous, but this is true. It is as disturbing as it is scary. We are glad no one was seriously injured as this could’ve turned out very differently.” – Sheriff Chip Simmons

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