Information for military police and out of state officers

You may be eligible for equivalency training if you are either: (1) a current or recently retired certified law enforcement officer from another state, (2) a federal agent, or (3) a military police officer. Florida equivalency of training (EOT) is a 1-2 week proficiency training course. Details about qualifications and where assessment centers are located, can be found using the links below.

The EOT option may or may not be your best choice. All newly hired deputies for Patrol must complete the same high intensity sixteen (16) week field training and evaluation program (FTEP). Area academies prepare applicants well for this challenge and very few new hires have training issues. Success for applicants who have participated in EOT varies greatly depending on how recent your law enforcement training was and the relevance of your work experience. It is in our mutual best interest to discuss your unique situation prior to application.

Equivalency of Training Information:
Florida Dept of Law Enforcement General Information