The Civil Unit at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is part of the Administration Division and consists of the Enforceable Unit, the Non-Enforceable Unit, the Court Liaison Unit and the Civil Process Unit.  The responsibility of this section is to effect the service and/or enforcement of all judicial process, both enforceable and non-enforceable, originating from the Supreme Court, Circuit Court, County Courts and the Board of County Commissioners; as this is part of the duties and powers of the Sheriff, pursuant to Chapter 30.15(1) Florida Statutes.

The Civil Unit is responsible for the receipt, processing, servicing and enforcement of subpoenas, summons, evictions, levies/sales, domestic violence injunctions and other orders issued by the courts. The units consists of civilian staff, civil process servers, and sworn officers.

The Civil Process Servers are responsible for making contact with citizens across the county to serve civil and criminal writs, orders, subpoenas, and decrees.

The Civil Unit is also responsible for arresting individuals who are delinquent in child support and collecting those delinquent payments.