Criminal Records Request
Criminal Records receives and maintains arrest reports, booking prints, offense reports, miscellaneous offense paperwork and investigative case files. Records personnel also maintain crimes statistics for the agency and are responsible for reporting the Uniform Crime Statistics information for inclusion into both state and national crime statistics. Criminal Records also accepts requests for local criminal history background checks, offense reports, arrest reports, and incident reports.

Phone: (850) 436-9501
Fax: (850) 436-9784
Criminal Records Request Form

Public Records Request
For requests other than routine reports such as offense reports, arrest reports, mug shots and cad reports, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Public Records Department. Once your request has been received, a member of the Public Records department will contact you reference your request. A fee for record duplication and research will be assessed based on the number of pages and man-hours required to fulfill the request.

Phone: (850) 436-9390
Fax: (850) 436-9990
Public Records Request Form

Media Records Request
All media outlets may submit requests for records using the below link:
Media Records Request Form

A listing of Public Records available online that can be downloaded may be found by clicking here.