Evidence Unit Public Hours:

Tuesday – Friday (excluding Holidays)

 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
For assistance call: (850) 436-9506
GovDeal Inquiries: (850) 436-9312

Authorization has to be received by the Evidence Unit from the arresting Deputy, Investigator or Clerk of Court before the appointment is scheduled. When calling please provide the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office case number so we can better assist you. 

For information or to see if authorization has been obtained call (850) 436-9506.

Firearm Releases: ALL firearms require a Court Order or Investigator authorization to release the firearm and a background check on the person that is authorized to claim the firearm. The background check will be conducted by the Evidence Unit and generally requires 7-10 business days. You can call (850) 436-9506 to provide the information to start the background check. Once all the information is received and the background check is approved, you will need to schedule an appointment for the release of the firearm.

Currency Releases: Currency is not held in the Evidence Unit and will be released by the Finance Unit via check. The deputy will need to authorize the Finance Unit to start the process by providing them with a voucher and owner contact information.

Attorney Viewings: All attorneys needing to view evidence will need to call (850) 436-9506 to schedule an appointment for the viewing and provide the ESCO case number. The Answer for Demand for Discovery will need to be provided to the Evidence Unit at the time of the viewing.

Auction items: All items that are available for auction are listed on govdeals.com website for bidding. Refer to the govdeals.com website for more information.

Seized Vehicles: Release of all seized vehicles is through the Forfeiture office, call (850) 436-9849 for more information.

The responsibility of the Evidence Unit is:
To receive all incoming evidence.
To fully document it.
To store it systematically.
To preserve its condition.
To maintain it securely.
To lawfully release or dispose of it.
To maintain a complete chain of custody of the entire process that is sufficiently accurate and complete to satisfy any court requirements.

The responsibility of Evidence Specialists: Receipt of property, storage, preservation, disposal of and accounting for every item they receive.

The role they play in the criminal justice system is to present the evidence as it was given to them without regard to the innocence or guilt of any defendant but to ensure the integrity of the evidence.