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Chalk up another casualty to the lack of funding from the Escambia County Commissioners. Operation Clean Sweep will suspend monthly cleanup events after August until the budget concerns are rectified. Attrition of our sworn personnel has been steady and is now at a critical level where only essential services can be performed. Each year the Commission has said that they will correct the funding deficiency but at the last minute they have kicked the can down the road to the next budget year. Sadly, that road is at a dead end for 50% of the School Resource Officers, Operation Clean Sweep, Funeral Escorts and Court Entrance Security. Though we all recognize the value of these services, personnel levels aren’t adequate to support these longstanding and valuable functions.

Recent raises in Santa Rosa County will place starting Deputy salaries there (in a smaller population with less crime) at a higher level than we are budgeted at the ECSO. This will likely lead to even faster attrition. We must convince the Commissioners to prioritize public safety or it’s difficult to predict the extremity of impact on law enforcement services.

Attend the weekly Thursday Commission meetings through August and September at 221 Palafox Place. If you arrive around 5PM you may sign up to speak. Show your support for the Sheriff’s proposed budget. Email the Commissioners using the links below to let them know how you feel. Call them to express your support for Sheriff Morgan’s full 3.6 million dollars increase to stem the loss of qualified deputies. 

The Escambia County Deputy Sheriffs are counting on your support. When you call 911 to report a crime you want a quick response. We need your continued support to serve you properly. Please call, email and attend the commission meetings. Make sure that your voice is heard. Together we can build a brighter future for our families in Escambia County.

District 1 Commissioner Jeff Bergosh       595-4910   

District 2 Commissioner Doug Underhill   595-4920   

District 3 Commissioner Lumon May        595-4930   

District 4 Commissioner Grover Robinson 595-4940

District 5 Commissioner Steven Barry      595-4950   

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