Florida Sheriff’s Association Issues Proclamation on Amendment 2

On February 7th, 2013, posted in: News by 2 Comments

The Florida Sheriff’s Association has issued a¬†proclamation¬†in support of the second amendment to the constitution. Below is a copy of the proclamation.

2 Responses to “Florida Sheriff’s Association Issues Proclamation on Amendment 2”

  • Tony Tampary says:

    Thank you for expressing support for the US Constitution and the Second Amendment.

  • Sandra McKerlie says:

    Thank you for supporting not only your rights but mine as well. Sometimes one citizen feels lost in all the politics and feel their own beliefs will never be important or heard. But when an organization such as yours makes a public statement like this it makes my voice feel much larger and indeed important once again. It’s nice to know the Law Enforcement Community is behind us in defending the Second Amendment–we’re always behind you.

    Thanks you Sandra Mckerlie

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