The SWAT team is is responsible for responding to crisis situations  which pose imminent danger to human life. There are currently 25 members of the SWAT team who are specially trained to  respond to crisis situations and assist other members of the agency with search warrants. These 25 members are required to participate in bimonthly training and attend numerous training seminars and schools across the county.

Deputies interested in becoming members of the SWAT Team must be with the Sheriff’s Office more than 2 year and pass a rigorous physical fitness test within a set time limit. Once on the team, members participate in call outs, search warrants, hostage situations, barracaded suspects, and other crisis situations. In 2009, the SWAT Team participated in over 25 missions.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team is also a member of the Region 1 Regional Domestic Security Task Force and could be requested to respond to terrorist incidents within the region.

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