Commander Lee Weston

Major Crimes

The major crimes unit is responsible for investigating violent crimes which include the use of force or the threat of force. These crimes are generally crimes against persons which includes murder, sexual battery, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Property Crimes

Several investigators are dedicated to investigating property crimes which includes the theft of money or property without the threat of violence. These crimes include burglary, thefts and motor vehicle thefts. This unit is also responsible for overseeing pawn transactions made in Escambia County. The Investigators assigned to the Property Crimes Unit work a variety of challenging cases each year.

Economic Crimes

The Economic Crimes Unit handles a variety of financial crimes, which occur in every facet of the community. Economic Crimes Investigators are members of the Northwest Florida Fraud and Forgery Task Force, which include deputies from various Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies; and representatives from a number of banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Crimes investigated by this Unit center around those involving intent to defraud, or the obtaining of money or property by false pretenses, fraud or deception. They include forgeries, counterfeiting, organized and communication fraud, check and credit card fraud, identity theft, other occupational fraud, scams, exploitation of the elderly and many other thefts. By their very nature, these cases are generally lengthy and complicated.

Computer Crimes

The Computer Crimes Unit serves as a contact and support Unit for many agencies in Northwest Florida when dealing with computer related crimes. In addition to the Unit’s forensic capabilities, the Unit works with the North Florida Internet Crimes against Children Task Force investigating possession of child pornography and other crimes.


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