Crime Prevention is your business.  Sheriff David Morgan believes that our community is built upon the strength of our citizens.  The ECSO is involved in many community based programs that inform our residents how to lessen the possibility of crimes against themselves, their homes and their property.  We directly address issues contributing to crime, delinquency, and disorder.This website has links to many of these programs and we encourage you to take a tour of our menu.  Neighborhood Watch, Citizens Law Enforcement Academy, personal safety tips and more are just a click away.  You may wish to look first under the Prevent Crime and Community drop down menus.  When you make Crime Prevention your business you help make our county a safer place one person at a time.  When a group of people practice good crime prevention techniques there is a definite decrease in crime.  Should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions related to our Community Services crime prevention efforts please call David Craig at 436-9281 or Lynnea McCray at 436-9735.

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