Filing Your Report

To file an online report through eReports, you must have a valid email address. If you do not have an email address, you can contact the ECSO at 850-436-9630 and a deputy will assist you with your report.

If the crime you are reporting is occurring now, posing an immediate threat or someone is injured, DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM and call 911 immediately.

Before using eReports, be aware that the incident that you are reporting must meet the following:

Only crimes that occur within the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction can be filed through eReports. If the incident occurred within the Pensacola city limits, please contact the Pensacola Police Department at (850) 435-1900.

Currently, only the following crimes may be reported through ECSO eReports.

Incident Type Definition Examples Do Not Use Online Reporting if…
Lost Property Property that is missing or lost.
  • You left your wallet at a restaurant and when you returned you couldn’t find it.
  •  You or a witness has information about a possible suspect.
Theft Property is stolen, but there has been no illegal entry or physical force used by the suspect.
  • A bike is stolen from your front yard.
  • Your purse is stolen from a restaurant or bar.
  • Your home, business or other building (shed, garage, etc) has been entered without your permission resulting in stolen property.
  • Your vehicle is missing and you believe it has been stolen.
  • The total value of items taken in the theft is more than $300.
Vandalism of Property The act of changing, modifying or defacing public or private property.
  • Graffiti, Knocking over mailboxes, throwing rocks through windows, etc.
  •  The incident is in progress or just occurred within the last 5 minutes, or if a suspect is known. Call the ECSO at 850-436-9620.
Vandalism of Vehicle Tampering with a motor vehicle.
  • Damage to your vehicle; such as key marks, broken window, etc.
  •  The incident is in progress or just occurred within the last 5 minutes, or if a suspect is known. Call the ECSO at 850-436-9620.
Vehicle Burglary – Items taken from vehicle Property is stolen from the interior of the motor vehicle.
  • A GPS is stolen from inside your vehicle
  •  Items stolen are worth more than $300 in value and or a firearm was stolen from the vehicle. Call the ECSO at 850-436-9620.
Suspicious Activity Information You see something suspicious or out of the ordinary.
  • Strange vehicles that don’t belong in your neighborhood.


  • The person or vehicle is at the location now.
Scam You suffered a money or property loss due to a scam
  • Someone calls and pretends to be a relative and asks you to send them money
  •  The suspect is known or can be identified.
  • You have supporting evidence or documentation to provide officers.
Internet or Computer Fraud Using the internet to scheme or defraud to obtain property.
  • Fraudulent postings on Craigslist or eBay.


  • The suspect is known or can be identified.
  • You have supporting evidence or documentation to provide officers.
Identity Theft Obtaining someone else’s personal indentifying information and using it to obtain credit, goods or services.
  • Someone obtains a credit card using your SSN.
  • Someone gets cell phone service with your credit.
  •  The suspect is known.
  • You have supporting evidence or documentation to provide officers.
Harassing Phone Calls Unwanted communication/ phone calls of an annoying or harassing nature.
  • Hang-ups
  • Heavy Breathing
  •  You are able to provide a phone number for the suspect via Caller ID.


Once a report is approved by a supervisor, the report will be available for you. Please contact our Records Division by calling (850)436-9501.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if online incident reporting is not right for me?

A: Using eReports to report an incident is optional. If you prefer, you may call and request a deputy file the report for you at any time. If the incident you are reporting is happening now or you have suspect information, call the ECSO Communications Division’s non-emergency line at (850)436-9620 and request a deputy come to your location.

Q: What should I do if I have technical difficulty using eReports?

A: You can still call the Sheriff’s Office at (850)436-9620 and request a deputy come to you and take your report.

Q: Can I report my lost or stolen prescription pills online?

A: No. The reporting of a controlled substance should be investigated by a deputy sheriff. Please call (850)436-9620.

Q: Can I report my lost or stolen firearm through eReports?

A: No. To report a lost or stolen firearm, call (850)436-9620.

Q: If I have suspect information and/or a description, or I know who committed the crime, can I file an eReport?

A: No. A deputy should be requested so that an investigation can be conducted and a report is completed by law enforcement.

Q: Should I file an online report is an incident is occurring or just occurred?

A: No. Call 911 if an there is an emergency. Non-emergencies can be reported at (850)436-9620 and a deputy will respond to the incident.

Q: Is online reporting an appropriate choice for reporting a wanted individual?

A: No. Please call (850)436-9620 to report the location of a wanted individual.


Please disable any software that blocks “pop-ups” on your computer, as they may be necessary to successfully complete this report and receive a response from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

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