How do I make a criminal complaint?

Several options are available.  If you are having an EMERGENCY call 911.  For non emergency events call our dispatcher at 436-9620 and ask for a Deputy to respond.  You may also make a complaint at the front desk at 1700 West Leonard Street.  Keep in mind that if there is a crime scene (such as a burglary at your home) we are going to want to respond to that location to take the report.  Finally there is eReports for online reporting.  eReports is designed to facilitate the routine reporting of criminal acts where there is no immediate threat to life or safety. eReports enables you to submit a report online. It is not designed to initiate a call for service, and a deputy will not be dispatched in response to your eReport.

If the presence of a Deputy is needed or desired, DO NOT USE eReports. Call (850)436-9620.


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