The primary objective of the Warrant Unit is to locate and apprehend subjects who have outstanding arrest warrants and return them to the jurisdiction of the court.

Warrant Unit personnel work hand in hand with the Clerk of Court and the State Attorney’s Office, utilizing various computer databases to enter and maintain every warrant received and to investigate the whereabouts of these individuals with the goal of eventually bringing about their arrest.

Officers assigned to the Warrants Unit are tasked with the responsibility of participating in fugitive raids with local and state law enforcement agencies.  Additionally, several officers are assigned to the United States Marshal’s North Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force.

Often subjects will flee Escambia County to avoid capture. Once an individual is located in another county or state the Warrant Unit begins the process of extradition. This involves extensive communication with authorities and much legal documentation which eventually leads to officers from the Warrant Unit traveling to the county or state and returning the individual to the Escambia County jail.

Public information about persons with outstanding warrants can be obtained from the Escambia County Clerk of Court website at www.escambiaclerk.com or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website at www.fdle.state.fl.us